Bangers and Mashtival

Typething organise and run this boutique festival that takes place on a beautiful and remote site in the Welsh Countryside. The focus of this event is self-expression and all festival goers are encouraged to participate in creating art, music and fun.

Kallida Festival 2018

Typething was commissioned to develop an interactive installation for Kallida festival, held in Baskerville mansion and its grounds. The event has a focus on promoting a wide variety of electronic music acts and visual artists. The installation ‘MisTree’ generates an ongoing audiovisual composition, but any visitor can take over the controls with deep possibilities for improvisation. Another important feature of our work is creating a sense of space. Carefully selecting the location for the installation and the positioning of the lights invited people to explore the space and act as a catalyst for human interaction.

Kallida Festival 2019

Typething were invited back to Kallida festival in 2019. Building on the most successful elements from the previous edition, we built our smokey lights into a geodesic dome which became a focal point for the festival. New interactive musical and bubbly surprises were added, and come rain or shine, guests enjoyed the space for contemplation, co-creation and connection.

Noisily Festival 2019

A mistical house in the woods, overgrown with flowers and ivy, with a pink baby grand in the garden… This was the setting we created for our interactive piece at Noisily, a real gem on the UK festival scene.